Navigating a Crisis of Belief


I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 

Sitting in finance class in a noticeably better frame of mind emotionally, spiritually, mentally; I found myself once again dealing with self-pity and my old foe, debilitating doubt.

I felt that many of the life parameters addressed in finance class weren’t resonating with those I currently lived under, further leading me to doubt how effective these financial strategies were going to be for me.

But as they say, “the first step to success is believing that you can” (Unknown). It’s something I struggle with, but the plausibility of this verse is something that does resonate with me: if you don’t believe in something, you’re not going to put any effort into it.

As I learn more about what I can do to change my life; change my situation; no longer let other people dictate who I am, or what I will become, or what I’ve been by the mistakes I’ve made, etc.: by God’s help and by God’s grace, I can become who I choose to become and I can have the life I choose to work towards. It’s a choice. It’s your choice.

And as I take in this information in this finance class and look for ways to adapt it to my own unique circumstances that perhaps aren’t covered in the class; I choose to believe that there still has to be a way.

I am slowly, but surely, arriving at the point of believing (even pass the point now), that I can succeed, and I can change my life, and I can change whatever it is I don’t like about myself or my situation. I might not be able to change something I don’t like in someone else, but I can change something about myself that I don’t like.

As I sat there in class, looking down at my scripture ring with a sense of self-pity, fidgeting a bit, I noticed the first verse in series, one I had read so many times before but never really grasped the weight of, and its applicability to my current financial situation, personal wellbeing, and overall life.

In Philippians 4, it says, “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

The last 3 words resonated deeply: “which strengtheneth me.” It described things that I had been clawing after and ray of hope I had scarcely held onto these past few weeks; things that are going to strengthen me through Christ. And the Bible says, I CAN DO THIS.

It clicked: this finance class was not just for millions of other people; it was also for me. And I CAN do this through Christ.

“Do what?”

These things that I’m focused on right now: these things which will strengthen me.

It is no longer just an experimental concept, but now a certain degree of success guaranteed, a predictable outcome, and a reason to believe that it WILL work for me. Why? Because, even though my life parameters don’t match all the life parameters repeated over and over in this finance class, of so many other people, and addressed; my parameters do line up with the word of God, which says, “You CAN do ALL things THROUGH Christ which STRENGTHENETH YOU.”

Those are the parameters: if it strengthens you, and you do it through Christ, it CAN be done.

And all that leaves you and I with, is the decision to step out by faith, believing, and doing it.