Matt Borja

Puppet Agent Walkthrough

  • Add release packages for "Puppet Collection 1" (PC1) repository targeting the appropriate OS version:

    sudo rpm -ivh
  • Install puppet-agent:

    sudo yum install puppet-agent
    • Note: Run sudo yum clean all if dependency resolution fails due to incorrect repository selection (i.e. Requires: systemd)
  • Update puppet.conf, specifying critical agent settings before starting the service
  • Start the puppet service
    • Note: Run sudo which puppet cert list to verify connection and sign client certificate


  • [email protected] does not execute on Windows 10.0
  • sudo ``which puppet`` module upgrade puppetlabs-powershell (Caution: This may cause clients to stop responding if it hangs due to failed dependencies)
  • Note: ruby.exe can lock cache/lib causing cleanup tasks to fail in Puppet agent (i.e.