About Me

Hi there!

My name is Matt Borja. I'm a born again Christian, blacksmith enthusiast, and full-stack .NET web application developer with concentrations in Higher Education, Single Sign-On, and DevOps. I enjoy being organized, creating things, figuring things out, and helping people. Just don't ask me to help figure out people; that, I'm not too good at :)

These days, when I have some downtime, I'll play piano (or try to compose some), organize things, catch up on work, study, play a computer game, learn something new, find a quiet place to contemplate, or do some training drills at the range.

Occupation wise, I've always been self-motivated and self-taught and have largely been involved in the development and operations of web-based enterprise software employing Microsoft technology stack since 2013. I ask a lot of questions, demand accountability, and depend on God's wisdom and the strategic collaboration of teachable individuals in order to derive and deliver the best possible solution for any business problem I'm faced with.

I can be reached via email at [email protected] or using any of the links below.

Yours truly,

Matt Borja